The ART of Movement

The ART of Movement

The stereotype of Switzerland as the haven for fine chocolates and watches has transcended to positioning Switzerland as a magnet for wellness experiences.

Take the recent Recharge for Life three-day retreat held at the Hotel Castellin the midst of the Engadine district at Zuoz for instance. A stones’ throw away from the exclusive St Moritz ski resort. Pristine and discreet, this environment is special. I’m now beginning to understand why this beautiful and proudly independent country is so loved by discerning guests from around the world.

Featuring bodyART, the holistic movement therapy loved by Madonna, this alpine retreat showcased a functional movement therapy suited to anyone who is serious about fitness without scarifying on the element of fun.

bodyART Basics

They’re on their feet. They’re on their knees. They’re on the floor. They’re up again – stretching, relaxing, breathing deep to connect with the body and the mind. Incorporating techniques to release tension and to liberalise mental and physical boundaries, bodyART is the new kid on the block of fitness, and everyone is loving it.  

Tell Me More

Welcome to a holistic functional training based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. A class moves through five different phases, which are related to the 5 Elements – Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth. Each element, or Energy Phase, has a certain quality of exercises and movements with the main goal of creating balance between tension and relaxation, activity and passivity, strength and flexibility, and the external and internal. The exercises have their foundation in therapy, classical strength training (using only one’s own body weight) and polarity. Everything incorporated in bodyART is related to the breath. At the end of a class, the participants finish feeling sweaty, energised and relaxed all at once.


Julia Pryzbilka, who has been teaching bodyART for 15 years, describes how this unique exercise involves the whole body. “Through distinctive exercises that require awareness, the focus is lead to the internal self rather than the external. This blossoms positive changes and stimulates health not only on a physical level, but more importantly, on a mental and emotional level”, she explains. 

There is no dogma – bodyART believes that every human being has individual needs and that everyone is different. By following five energy phases in class, everyone finds their balance. “The reason I love bodyART so much is because of its all-inclusivity,” Julia explains, “to men and women, children, and seniors. In each class the teacher gives modifications to exercises to make it accessible to every target group.” 

Curious about knowing more about bodyART or trying out a class near you?


Lisa, 2017