Get Plenty of Beauty Sleep

Get Plenty of Beauty Sleep

Power nap, Beauty Sleep, Forty Winks, Siesta – are all popular terms used all the time to best define the cause of getting that flawless and revitalized body, mind, soul and beauty. Beauty sleep speeds up recovery by saturating and rejuvenating your skin, leaving behind that very sumptuous touch to your skin with an overall resilience and radiance. Say good-bye to fine lines and wrinkles as you see an almost enlivened and awakened skin texture.

But what happens when you stay up late every night? With less than 6 hours of sleep, our system and health takes an indefinite toll on our skin, which eventually results in dullness, dark circles, fatigue and acne. Getting an appropriate amount of sleep promotes skin’s vitality by replenishing and reawakening the look of youth.

Furthermore, enhancing, empowering and fortifying a glowing healthy look.

Motivate and push yourself to get those 8 hours and notice the appearance of firmer skin and fewer wrinkles owing to the new collagen that’s made during the repairing process, a healthier complexion due to boosted blood flow resulting in flushed cheeks and glowing complexion and finally brighter eyes, with almost no signs of puffy eyes.


Rebecca, 2018