Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

Enhance the skin’s youthful beauty capital while respecting its natural balance. Hydration offers the skin the promise of revealing its beauty today while building that of tomorrow. Just like a beautiful rose needs water to thrive, your skin needs water to look its most radiant best. After all, our bodies contain 60% water on average, and we rely on water to replenish everything, including our skin cells.

This is why water is vital to our overall well-being and appearance.

Beauty, loyalty and dedication go hand in hand. Hence, get yourself to indulge and immerse in the pleasure and effectiveness of hydration, knowing that you are significantly reducing every signs of ageing. Wrinkles are a result of excessive intake of coffee or sugar drinks which eventually cause the skin to dry out leaving it looking lusterless, subdued and dehydrated. So who has the time for dark under eye circles, large pores, patchy skin and fine lines? Certainly not you!

You might be wondering how water works its magic. Well, just like how a bed frame supports a mattress, the surface of your skin is supported by collagen. Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin supple, firm and wrinkle-free. Water helps the collagen function properly and support your skin cells. So, quite simply, lots of water means lots of healthy collagen.

Drinking plenty of water may seem like a challenge, but it definitely pays off to achieve that beautiful, goddess-like glowing skin!

Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water every day helps to:

Remove toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes. Transports nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells. Maintain moisture, and increase the elasticity in your skin. Give your skin a fuller and glowing appearance.

Delay the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

And here is a tip: Make it a habit to drink each glass of water at once, don’t sip! This way the body absorbs the water even better, Scientists say.

Beauty is what connects us with ourselves and others, hence an universal and essential factor, to double your hydration, is by moisturizing the surface of your skin. This will help create a protective barrier, by boosting hydration in your skin, preventing flaking by enhancing dullness.

In order to lock hydrating moisture into your skin, you’ll need to:

Find the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type.

Use a moisturizer that is made with natural hydrating ingredients. Apply your moisturizer right after showering.

Massage an even coat of moisturizer onto your face and neck.


Rebecca, 2018